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      The Presbyterian College has had the privilege of shaping exemplary leaders for Church ministry for over 150 years. Today we offer modern programs designed to help you share God's mission of healing and hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ.?We invite you to explore what we have to offer.

      News & Events

      Courses 2019-2020
      Courses for degree and non-degree students, for credit or not. Great opportunities for learning and growth in the 2019-2020 academic year.

      New Faculty at Montreal DIO
      Montreal DIO has appointed a new Director of Pastoral Studies, who will take up her work in mid-July. Welcome to Hilary Borgert-Winkler.

      Sunday Worship Space – Available
      Beautiful worship space, along with classrooms and other amenities, available for rent on Sunday mornings.

      Convocation 2019
      Join us for Convocation 2019, at The Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul, on Thursday, May 9th at 7:00 p.m.

      College Open House
      Join us on March 13th (5-7 p.m.) to explore the academic programs and the community life of The Presbyterian College.

      Congregational Vitality Brunch – February 26, 2019
      This Congregational Vitality brunch will stimulate new thinking and practice in your critical task of planning in ministry.

      Missional Imagination – March 23rd
      Join us to explore what church planters can teach us about connecting existing congregations with their context.

      February 15th – Conflict Resolution Workshop
      A day-long workshop equipping congregational leaders (elders, ministers, or others) to address conflict in constructive and transformative ways.

      Fall 2018 Newsletter
      Check out the latest newsletter of the college - hot off the press!

      Honorary Doctorate – Nominations Open
      Nominations are now open for the Doctor of Divinity (Honoris Causa) degree. Click here for more details.

      Missional Imagination – Cohort
      Imagination in service of Christ and our neighbours—a project in collaboration between The Presbyterian College and the Presbytery of Waterloo-Wellington.


      Bachelor of Theology
      A foundational program to deepen knowledge and equip you for Christian leadership within your community.

      Master of Divinity
      The most recognized and accepted degree for ordination and ministry. ATS accredited.

      Master of Sacred Theology
      A graduate degree providing a strong foundation for many types of faith-based service and ministry, or further advanced study.

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      Diploma in Ministry
      A one-year ministry-oriented program, with a dual focus on academic and practical (in-ministry) training.

      Certificate Courses in Theology
      For anyone seeking spiritual enrichment and a deeper understanding of Christian faith. Apply by August 15 for Fall courses.

      Graduate Degrees in Religious Studies
      Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy programs are offered through McGill.

      General Assembly Certificates
      Designed for mature students seeking ordination for ministry.

      Leadership Centre

      Congregational Vitality Brunch – February 26, 2019
      This Congregational Vitality brunch will stimulate new thinking and practice in your critical task of planning in ministry.

      Dependable Strengths Workshop

      Dependable Strengths?Workshop?

      “Uncover your strengths, discover your purpose”

      A workshop designed to promote self-esteem, motivation to achieve, and responsible behavior.

      Are you a college or university student looking for where you fit in the world? Are you eager to better understand yourself and your strengths? The Dependable Strengths? workshop will increase your self-esteem, help motivate you ...Read More

      Congregational Vitality Brunch
      Join us October 23rd for a light brunch and to explore the spiritual and theological dimensions of congregational vitality.

      Faith and Work – April Intensive
      The Faith & Work Cohort experience will prepare you to embrace your everyday work as a vital part of God's mission

      Congregational Vitality Brunch
      An opportunity to exchange ideas about congregational vitality, and explore ways to continue learning together.

      Faith & Work Cohort
      Join us for a PREVIEW NIGHT for the new Faith and Work Cohort – February 21st or 23rd.

      Appointment: Director of Leadership Centre
      The Board of Governors welcomes Mr. Tim Keener as new Director of the Leadership Centre.

      Training for Dependable Strengths program
      On Nov. 15-17, 2017 The Presbyterian College will be offering a training workshop called Discovering Your Dependable Strengths.

      Revised Job Description – Director, Leadership Centre
      The Presbyterian College seeks a Director for its Leadership Centre, to consolidate and extend the work of the Centre. A half-time position.

      Mentoring – 2017
      We look forward to our annual Mentoring Week, at The Presbyterian College - a time of worship, learning, and growth together.